Tips to Help Your Golf


Tips to Help Your Golf

By Chris Moore

A Golf Coaching and Club Fitting Professional, here at Ivanhoe Public Golf Course

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Practice this Shape (December 2014)

This shape is one of the most common I see amongst good, consistent golfers – and one that I almost never see with struggling players. Practice this shape at home, to get used to the feel of it, and then take it to the driving range to test how you are doing.

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What I like about this picture

1. Even though well into the follow through, the golfer’s head is still approximately where it was at address but turned so she can watch the travel of her ball
2. Her upper body is still angled over towards where the ball was on the ground, there has been no raising or straightening yet – so a better chance of nice contact and a straight swing
3. The arms, hands and club have swung through towards target – with no excessive tension and no sign of trying to scoop the ball up with club and wrists.
4. This could be a picture of a full swing a little before the finish or of less than full distance pitch shot. It is a great model for both.[/column]
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How To Practice It

1.Stand in front of a mirror and try to mimic that shape. There is no need for a golf club yet.
2. When you can do the shape, swing your arms a little back and through and see if you can find the shape again. Stop and wait and check. If you look the same, great. If not, adjust and try again until you can. It shouldn’t feel like a strain, more like a soft lean over. Keeping your tail pushed out behind you can help.
3. Once you know the feel, try to repeat the shape with a golf club.
4. Take your new swing to the Practice Range.

Good Golfing,

It would be great to have the opportunity to help you develop your game.
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