Course Overview


1st Hole
Par 4
Men- 296m 
Ladies- 296m

Try to be approaching the green from the centre or left side of the fairway. Unless you are a very long hitter, the large gums reaching out from the right side will make your approach to the green very difficult.

The extra long hitter might even aim for the green with their drive if the tees are forward and conditions are favourable, or may choose to start their round with an iron shot. Left is good.

Also check the flag positions on the 9th and 18th (both to your left) as you leave the first tee.

2nd Hole
Par 4
Men- 379m 
Ladies- 379m

Number 2 on the index, so quite a tough hole. A difficult driving hole for the left to right player. Sometimes a 3 wood instead of the driver is a good option, as your shot is likely to curve less.

In approaching the green, the danger spot is over the back; also missing the green left can be a more tricky shot than missing right. When looking from down the fairway, if you can see 2 greens, the left one is yours.

At the tee, look for the flag position on the 6th hole (to your left and slightly behind you). Once you get past the 1st green, the two greens you see to your right are the 10th and 11th. It may help to take notice of the flag positions there as well.

3rd Hole
Par 4
Men- 268m 
Ladies- 268m

A tricky hole. Out of bounds on the right. And the large gum guarding the green on the right side. No need for heroics here. If the driver shot is likely to curve right, probably best not to use it. If the gum is in your way, it is generally best to play your shot under the branches rather than trying to go over, even though going over is more impressive if you manage to do it successfully.

The green being slightly raised tends to make the ball not pull up quite as quickly. Missing the green left or right can leave quite a tricky approach shot. When leaving the tee here, you can check the position of the flag on the 5th green, immediately to your left.

4th Hole
Par 3
Men- 121m 
Ladies- 121m

With the tee and the green surrounded by trees, accuracy is at a premium on this hole. The out of bounds fence on the right side cuts back in to be quite close to the green., so a shot just a little to the right can finish on the wrong side of the fence.

But if you play a nice straight one, the green doesn’t hold too many surprises. If 4 would be a good score for you on this hole, aiming to have your tee shot finish just short of the green in the wider landing area could be a very good plan.

5th Hole
Par 4
Men- 275m 
Ladies- 275m

A pretty much straight short par 4, where a drive up the centre right gives you a clear shot to the green, avoiding the large tree that pokes out from the left. However, if you go too far to the right, you can be blocked out by the clump of trees protecting the 8th tee. A shot of about 190m towards the right rough can finish in the water hazard.

A strong driver can get past most of the trouble though. The green has a bunker on the right front which is best to avoid, and the green slopes away from you, so approach shots tend to bounce and roll a little extra. Careful with club selection into the green, because there is another water hazard over the back.

6th Hole
Par 5
Men- 435m 
Ladies- 435m

Time to let it rip! The left to right player can tend to have a real go at this one, because the fairway bends favourably for their tee shot. As long as you can get your drive away past the big pines on the right, you are off to a reasonable start. Try to be playing your approach shot to the green from the centre right of the fairway, to have a clear shot past the overhanging gum on the left, and also so you don’t have to flirt with the left greenside bunker.

But don’t go too far to the right, because trees and water are waiting. When walking up this fairway, you can check the position of the flag on the 7th green (to your right).

7th Hole
Par 3
Men- 153m 
Ladies- 153m

A longish par 3 that plays longer than it says if the tees are back. A straight shot gives you no problems, whereas left or right can leave you with trees to contend with. Also, best not to be over the back.

When leaving this tee, you can look for the flag on the 8th hole, to your left and behind you.

8th Hole
Par 4
Men- 296m 
Ladies- 296m

A fairly narrow tee shot where too far to the right could mean out of bounds or at least leaving you with no way to get to the green on your second shot. Ideally centre left from the tee.

The strategic player might not choose a driver from this tee, to give a better chance of accuracy and to not reach the out of bounds to the right. The green is small and slightly elevated, with a shot over the back probably being the most difficult to recover from.

9th Hole
Par 4
Men- 258m 
Ladies- 258m

The longer players can have a go at the green here, or at least get pretty close. A couple of severe slopes in this green, so knowing where the flag is can be a big advantage, especially if you are playing your approach shot from down the hill.

Don’t let the hill intimidate you on your approach shot, normally a nicely struck shot will travel up there quite effectively. Check the 18th flag to the right of this green.

10th Hole
Par 4
Men- 334m 
Ladies- 334m

Another nice hole for the left to right players. Over the right hand trees might even be an option for the stronger drivers from this elevated tee, but there is a pond down the right near driving distance. Also, missing the fairway to the right is generally the tougher approach shot.

The slightly elevated green adds 5 – 10 m to the effective yardage of your approach shot. When nearing the bottom of the hill after your tee shot, look to the right and you can check the flag position on the 13th green (to your right).

11th Hole
Par 4
Men- 242m 
Ladies- 242m

The right to left player can have a go at the green, but it is a fair risk with water pretty close to the right of the green. It is safer to play a little short of the green; it takes some of the danger out of the hole. This strategy also allows you to aim slightly right of centre down the fairway, with no danger of getting too close to the water.

The right side also gives a nice angle to approach the green. Ideally you will have a lofted club for your approach shot, to comfortably fly over the grassy mound short of the green and to stop in time to give you a nice putt.

12th Hole
Par 3
Men- 98m 
Ladies- 98m

Most players should have a go with an iron teed up on this hole, especially with the tees at the front. The green is wider than it is long, so straight is good. If the flag is a long way right or left, it is probably best to aim midway between the centre of the green and the flag.

The green slopes pretty sharply from back to front, so try to take this into account when reading your putts.

13th Hole
Par 4
Men- 356m 
Ladies- 356m

Water short right and longer left on this hole. Longer players should use the 150m marker on the left side of the fairway, to help determine their driving strategy.

The approach shot is ideally played from the centre right, where you are approaching the green at its full width and with the best chance of your ball stopping in time. The elevated green adds 5 – 10m to your shot, which could mean one club extra for your approach. This green slopes pretty severely downhill near the front.

14th Hole
Par 4
Men- 233m 
Ladies- 233m

Another green beckons for the longer players, so get the driver out and have a go. The shorter hitter needs to avoid the water on the right side, while the longer player doesn’t have too much to worry about from the tee, except for the out of bounds up the hill on the left.

Generally, the fun on this hole happens around the green. It slopes downwards from front to back and also to the right, so if the flag is in the right half of the green, you need to allow for a lot of turn, and be gentle. You can putt well on this green and still have 3 putts.

The approach to the green is protected by some hollows with long grass, so a lofted shot over them is ideal. If your ball happens to go in the long grass, sand iron is probably the best club to use to get out.

15th Hole
Par 3
Men- 126m 
Ladies- 126m

A generously sized green with out of bounds up the hill on the left. Ideally, short of the pin gives you an uphill putt, but anywhere on the green is good. Just be careful, there is a bit of slope from back down to front, and from left to right, which you need to factor in to your putts.

16th Hole
Par 4
Men- 317m 
Ladies- 317m

With out of bounds left and a water hazard right, long and straight off the tee is the prerequisite for this hole.                                                                                                                                                             A good drive will leave a short / mid iron to a sloping green from back to front.

17th Hole
Par 4
Men- 213m 
Ladies- 213m

A huge reward for a well struck and well judged shot for the longer hitters, where your tee shot can finish on the green with a putt for eagle on this ‘dog-leg to the right’ hole.

There has been at least one hole in one on this short par 4. However, if you get it wrong, water is short of the green and out of bounds over the back and a huge gum tree on the corner.

The strategic play is down the middle, hopefully far enough to give you a clear second shot past the gum tree. If the gum tree is still in your way, probably best to aim slightly left of it, rather than trying to go over the top. A pretty flat green awaits you here.

Don’t forget to ring the bell as your last player leaves the green.

18th Hole
Par 3
Men- 115m 
Ladies- 115m

Last chance for a hole in one today. The green being uphill adds about 10 – 20 m distance to your tee shot. A sharply 2 tiered green also means knowing where the flag is positioned can be a huge help.

You can check this when leaving the 1st tee or the 9th green. A putt up or down the tier can be quite tricky, but if it is, at least you will better prepared for it next time. Hope you had fun and played well. The bar and café are just nearby.

HoleMale ParMale DistanceFemale ParFemale Distance
1st HolePar 4296mPar 4 296m
2nd HolePar 4379mPar 5379m
3rd HolePar 4268mPar 4268m
4th HolePar 3121mPar 3121m
5th HolePar 4275mPar 4275m
6th HolePar 5435mPar 5435m
7th HolePar 3153mPar 3153m
8th HolePar 4296mPar 4296m
9th HolePar 4258mPar 4258m
Front 9Par 352482mPar 362482m
10th HolePar 4334mPar 4334m
11th HolePar 4242mPar 4242m
12th HolePar 398mPar 398m
13th HolePar 4356mPar 5356m
14th HolePar 4233mPar 4233m
15th HolePar 3126mPar 3123m
16th HolePar 4317mPar 4317m
17th HolePar 4213mPar 4213m
18th HolePar 3 115mPar 3115m
Back 9Par 332031mPar 342031m
TotalPar 684513mPar 704513m