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Unleash Club Fitting studio brings tour technology to your doorstep. We analyze and diagnose with fact-based confidence. Banding together with the forces of feel with real. Unleash is not aligned with any brands and will give an expert unbiased opinion on unleashing your golfing potential. Using TrackMan 4’s Dual Radar Technology confidence can be had in the process and backed by numbers. The studio will also provide a fantastic opportunity for golfers to take lessons or have a social hit with friends from over 80 courses worldwide.

What is Club Fitting?

Club Fitting is a series of tests conducted to discover your optimal golf club specifications. Club fitting is the process of determining your optimal equipment specifications. Your trained fitting professional will look at variables such as shaft length, flex, composition, lie angle, bounce angles, club head design & loft will be analyzed and determine what club you are most suited to. Purchasing new clubs can be expensive, so knowing you are many an educated and informed decision is important, unleash club fitting allows this to happen.

Online Bookings 

Please read prior to booking
For online booking please follow the below links-  A $25 booking fee will be charged for all bookings. This will be taken off your final cost post fitting.

Alternatively, you can call (03) 9499 7001 to make your booking.


Ultimate Bag Experience
Complete analysis of your clubs from driver through to wedges.

Price $399- 4 hours

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Increase distance without sacrificing consistency & accuracy.

Price $99- 1 hour

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Irons Fitting
We determine what specifications you need to optimize your iron play.

Price $89- 1 hour

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Wedges Fitting
We determine what specifications you need to optimize your wedge play.

Price $79- 45 mins

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Introducing Trackman 4

TrackMan 4’s Dual Radar Technology is a significant milestone in the evolution of Launch Monitor, golf instruction, coaching, fitting, and entertainment. Trackman is a Doppler radar-based technology that allows us to measure what the golf club and the ball are doing in real-time. When a shot is hit, Trackman generates 21 specific measurements that accurately identify the impact and ball flight conditions for that particular shot.




Book a lesson 

Golf is more fun when you’re playing well and improving, and there’s no better way to improve than to seek the guidance of an expert golf coach. Ivanhoe is fortunate to have the expert coaching of Chris Moore, Chris Boland, and Rachel Bailey- to book a lesson in the unleash studio please call the pro-shop!

30mins = $95

45mins = $125

60mins = $150

To book a lesson please call the pro shop on-  (03) 9499 7001


Casual room hire is available for individuals. Develop true confidence in your swing. You can experiment with adjustments and compare outcomes based on accurate data of each shot. Don’t rely on the weather the next time you want to get to the range pricing starts at $20 for 15 minutes.

Please call (03) 9499 7001 to make your booking.

Simulator golf

World-famous courses appear in simply stunning detail. The gameplay is unbelievably smooth, all your club and ball data is shown with unerring, pinpoint accuracy.

Come and challenge your mates to one of our 80+ courses from around the world!

Bookings essential and booking agreement form to be signed. Max 2 users per booking. 5-10 minute briefing/introduction for new users on (how it works, rules & behavior, no food, and drink)

30min – $30   60min – $50  90min – $80  120min – $100

Please call (03) 9499 7001 to make your booking.


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